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Winners of Banner Competition 2017!

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  • Winners of Banner Competition 2017!

    Alright folks, the winners of the banner competition 2017 are clear!

    Congratulations to our double winner [MENTION=852]BoNity! You won a prize of a $25 iTunes giftcard!
    Followed close by [MENTION=1395]Slut, you won an All Eyez On Me movie poster!

    Congratulations, guys! I'm excited to see the new dope banner up
    You will be pm'ed shortly after for your prizes

    Thanks a lot to all the contributors and voters for participating in this competition!

    Place #1
    Banner no. 5 by [MENTION=852]BoNity

    22 votes

    Place #2
    Banner no. 11 by [MENTION=1395]Slut

    19 votes

    Place #3
    Banner no. 3 by [MENTION=852]BoNity

    16 votes

    [MENTION=852]BoNity [MENTION=15295]PhilipHorn [MENTION=1395]Slut [MENTION=911]Big G.O.V. #everybody #vips #djs #

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    We done guys, nice entries.


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      Congrats to the winner [MENTION=852]BoNity
      I voted for yours

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        Congrats to both on your banners! I voted for all 3 of those ones myself


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          I took an L.

          It was a nice competition. I wish there would have been more participation though. Most ppl also decided not to vote at all. Either way, was lots of fun. I spent hours on the banner and it really does have a ridiculous amount of layers. That being said, it is also nice that I don't have to look at it every time I visit the forum.

          Congratz to [MENTION=852]BoNity !!!
          Last edited by Slut; 06-17-2017, 04:32 PM.


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            Nice job everyone it was a fun competition.


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              Congrats [MENTION=852]BoNity
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                In my opinion [MENTION=1395]Slut banner was the best.But props to the winner!You guys put in alot of hard work


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                  Nice banners.

                  In the CSS for the banner image you guys need to set height to "auto" so the aspect ratio remains consistent no matter what the screen size is. PM me if you want help.


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                    congratz to the winner [MENTION=852]BoNity and to all the people who submitted a banner!


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