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  • NM All In One Gadget

    I am proud to announce the latest addition to the NM gadgets. This gadget runs in the sidebar on Windows 7/Vista computers or Windows XP with the Vista/7 gadget hack installed. Not only does it link to all the important parts of the site, but has RSS Feeds from the site, and NM Radio/NM Video built in. This is by far the best gadget we have had on the site. Huge props and respect need to go to Mr. Maroosh for the work he has done on this gadget. He has put in countless hours working on this. There is ALOT of stuff in this gadget, so I have put together a guide for all the features. The guide is below the download links.

    Mr Maroosh and Draven worked hard to get 22 different color selections for the banner. For your convenience I have created a separate download link for each, and one big download link with all of them. The files are hosted on this site, so the links will never go dead, there is no waiting to download, and you should get optimal speeds.

    Individual gadget Colors

    Dark Red
    Dark Green
    Alt Blue
    Light Pink
    Alt Silver
    Gold Metallic
    Textured Gold
    Textured Red
    Wood Texture



    The top part with the site name links to the site.

    On the main gadget there are 12 Icons. Each icon goes to the following places. I will name them from left to right, going top to bottom.

    1. The NM YouTube Channel
    2. The NM Facebook Page
    3. The NM Twitter

    4. Latest Posts
    5. Who's Online
    6. Activity Stats

    7. Subscribed Threads
    8. Private Messages
    9. User Control Panel

    10. Pop-Out Window (see below)
    11. Blogs
    12. Contacts

    The power button at the bottom controls the radio. When you click the button, it will turn green, and NM Radio will play on your computer like in the image below.

    The speaker controls if the sound is on/off. If you scroll your mouse wheel up and down, you can control the volume of the radio.

    The white bar to the right of the speaker icon is a search bar, which will search the site.

    If you would like the gadget to always stay on top of other applications, right click and choose Always On Top like in the below screen shot. You can also change the opacity which makes the gadget more transparent.

    Button 10 (bottom row, left button) opens the Pop Up Window. The pop up window consists of RSS feeds to alot of items on the site. Please see images below with descriptions of each RSS Feed.

    ^At the top of the pop out window is a link to the main site as well as 5 icons. Click on each of these icons changes the pop out window as follows:

    1. NM Blogs - changes to Blogs RSS Feed, changes background of pop-out window
    2. NM Facebook - changes to Facebook RSS Feed, changes background of pop-out window
    3. NM Twitter - changes to Twitter RSS Feed, changes background of pop-out window
    4. NM Myspace - changes to MySpace RSS Feed, changes background of pop-out window
    5. NM Youtube - changes to YouTube RSS Feed, changes background of pop-out window

    Clicking each icon, also changes the clicked icon to an NM icon, so you know which one you have selected. Clicking the NM icon changes the pop-out back to the original pop-out window.

    Under the 5 icons on the main pop out window is a Recent Posts RSS ticker that will scroll recent posts from NM.

    Next is a smaller version of the Facebook RSS that scrolls recent posts from our Facebook page. On the right of this, is a link to games (see below)

    Next is a smaller version of the Twitter RSS that scrolls recent tweets on our Twitter Profile

    Next is a smaller version of the YouTube RSS, that scrolls recent additions to our YouTube channel. (You can watch the videos through the gadget as well)

    Next is smaller version of the MySpace RSS, and a link to NM Video

    Lastly are links to NM Radio on the site, and our XBox Live Leaderboard

    When clicking on the Games banner, you will open the games part of the gadget. These games are all hosted on the site and can be played directly from your browser by clicking each corresponding banner. See Images Below:

    The last part of the gadget is the Settings menu. Open this menu by clicking the wrench to the left of the gadget.

    The first window on the settings menu has a link to the Forum Home Page and credits for the gadget. The credits link to each persons profile on the site.

    The second window on the settings menu lets you choose the station to listen too on the radio/video. Once we get some more stations available for NM Radio and NM Video, this feature will be incorporated.

    The third and last page of the settings menu gives you general information. It links to the original Radio gadget & The News Ticker gadget. There are also links for the staff contact info thread, as well as the contact us feature of the site. For people who get a hold of the gadget who are not registered on the site, there is a link to register. There are also links to the site rules and FAQ.

    Huge Props and respect need to go to MrMaroosh, Draven, and Big G.O.V. MrMaroosh put in countless hours on this gadget. Draven did all the design work for the gadget, and Big G.O.V. assisted MrMaroosh in compiling the gadget. This is one of the coolest things on this site and is really helpful for quickly linking to areas of the site, or for listening to NM Radio/Watching NM Video without having your browser or another audio/video program open.
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