When you receive rep from someone, you receive reputation points on your account. Once you receive 100 points, you go from 1 green dot Hidden Content under your name to two. Hidden Content Hidden Content The green dots continue to count up every 100 or so points until you get up to around 400-500 points, then the amount of green dots acquired slows down considerably. For instance to have 10 green dots is not 1000 rep points but actually closer to 5000. The max amount of green dots you can have is 11. Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content

When you give somebody reputation, the amount of reputation they receive is based on your "Rep Power" Your rep power is determined by the following things:

1. Number of days registered on the forum.
2. Number of posts you have on the forum.
3. Number of reputation points you have received from others.

To give you the actual numbers so you can do the math:

For every 10 days registered on the forum, you receive 1 point of reputation power.
For every 25 posts you receive 1 point of reputation power.
For every 50 reputation points, you receive 1 point of reputation power.

So a member who has been registered for 10 days, has 25 posts, and 50 reputation points, will have a reputation power of 3. However, you must be registered for at least 10 days and have at least 10 posts before your reputation power takes effect. Before meeting both of these requirements, you will have no reputation power. You can still rep people, however they will receive a gray dot, worth zero points. Hidden Content

Negative reputation works the exact opposite of positive reputation. Negative reputation is displayed as a red dot. Hidden Content You take away as much reputation with negative rep as your rep power would give with positive rep. This means, if your rep power is 100, and you negative rep someone, they will lose 100 reputation points. Just like with positive rep, you must be registered for at least 10 days and have 10 posts before negative rep has any effect.

There is another option, that would make administrators and mods automatically have a larger amount of rep power based on their status, however to be fair to all, I have turned this off. This means all mods and admins, including me, gain reputation power at the same rate as everyone else.

There are also little messages that pop up when you hover the mouse over someones rep. These continue to change as the rep points go up and change alot more frequently then the amount of green dots does.

To check how many reputation points you have, and to see your 25 most recent rep comments, click on your User CP and it will be towards the bottom, underneath your subscribed threads.

There is a modification installed that allows you to see the latest 25 reputations you have given as well.

I have installed another modification that allows you to choose how many reputation points to give to someone when repping them. The least you can give is 1 and the most you can give is your current rep power level.

Update 11-15-2010

I have added multiple categories to the reputation on the site, so there are many more reputation levels to acheive (since some of our members meet and exceeded the maxium levels)

New level's can now be hit at the following reputation point levels.

Hidden Content

I have also adjusted the VIP requirements a bit as well. VIP can now be automatically gained once a certain level of reputation is met. This bypasses the activity/60 day/150 post rule entirely for people who are very helpful on the site and receive lots of rep for it.