The different positions leaders hold on the board are shown by colors. There are 5 different positions, each one with a corresponding color. They are:

Red: This represents the Administrator of the site. The Administrator owns the site and the server running it.

Orange: This represents the Chief Engineers. Chief Engineers are liaisons to the Administrator. They help keep the site alive & active by managing projects, designs, interviews, etc. They can also manage all sections of the board if need be.

Yellow: This represents the Global Moderators. The Global Moderators are appointed by the admins, and are in charge of all the other mods. Global Moderators can also moderate (manage) everything on the board.

Blue: This represents the Super Moderators. Super Moderators have the ability to moderate every section of the forum. They can also give infractions (warnings) and, when necessary, ban members.

Green: This represents the Moderators. Moderators are assigned certain sections of the forum to moderate by the Global Moderator, and can also give infractions.

To view the current forum leaders please click Hidden Content . This can also be found towards the bottom of the main index next to Mark Forums Read. (Just above the What's Going On? section.)

The following are the current sections that our mods control:
(in order by section on the main page)

djukak - Hidden Content , Hidden Content , Hidden Content , Hidden Content

Big G.O.V. - Hidden Content , Hidden Content , Hidden Content

HC - Hidden Content , Hidden Content