This thread will cover the requirements for VIP access, as well as the rewards and benefits of being a VIP member on the site.


The VIP section requires 150 posts and at least 90 days with strong activity on the site. Once this happens you will be eligible to be promoted to VIP. When choosing VIP's the staff relies heavily on activity but also looks through the substance of each post, general attitude on the site, loyalty, and longevity. This does not mean it is a popularity contest or if we don't like you, you do not get VIP. It simply means that those who freepost alot, or cause trouble on the site, more than likely will not get VIP. Those who show a great attitude, are friendly and helpful, and do not cause any trouble may even be able to get around the strong activity requirements. We know things like work/school/family etc. come first before an online forum does.

Also, those who have been banned in the past, obviously have it a little tougher to be promoted to VIP, especially those who were banned for doing something against this site or trying to hurt this site. That does not mean it is impossible to get VIP. There is no member on this site who has ZERO chance of getting VIP, and there never will be.

One last thing, it has always been and will always be this sites policy to NEVER accept donations. I am strongly against members donating to the admin on sites like this. Donating to get VIP access has never, and will never be an option.

What comes with VIP Access:

First, being a VIP member will give you access to the VIP section. The VIP section includes exclusive information & downloads. VIP members tend to get leaks and information way before it is made public.

In addition to viewing the VIP section, I have allowed those with VIP access to use the "invisible" system. In your User CP click on options and there is an option to set your self to invisible mode. This prevents others on the forum from seeing you in the Who's Online display on the bottom.

VIP Users display as purple on the site. This gets away from the white/black usernames of the registered members. Just a little something for the VIP Members who are active on the site.

Now this is probably the best perk of being a VIP member. All VIP's have 24/7 unlimited access to the FTP Server. The FTP server is a database of anything and everything 2Pac related that is not copyrighted. Included in this FTP server are ALL leaked OG's, Unreleased, Instrumental, Acapella, Compilation, Guest Appearance, and Bootleg, as well as all the THC projects, every video ever made of 2Pac, as well as ten's of thousands of pictures, articles, written lyrics, scans, CD Covers, and lots more. This server is available to all VIP's, 24/7, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and is 100% free.

For more information, please see the below thread.
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Lastly, with VIP comes the respect and gratitude of the staff and I for your loyalty and dedication to the site.