Welcome to the 2Pac Forum. Please refer to this thread for rules of the site.

1. Access: Upon signing up to the site you have access to every section except for a few. Those few are listed below, along with the requirements to access those sections. Each section comes with an automatic promotion (that can take up to an hour) once the requirements are met, EXCEPT for VIP. VIP promotions are not automatic, and are done after each eligible member is reviewed individually by the staff.

Open Fire, Anything Goes, Members Corner, Fair Exchange, & What's Beef: 20 posts
Regular Downloads: 20 posts
2Pac & Outlawz Downloads: 50 posts & 30 days registration.
Death Row Downloads: 50 posts & 30 days registration.
Biggie Downloads: 50 posts & 30 days registration.
VIP: 150 posts and 90 days registration.

Please see the below thread for more information about the Open Fire & Regular Download Sections.
Hidden Content

Please see the below thread for more information about the 2Pac & Outlawz/Biggie/Death Row Download Sections
Hidden Content

Please see the below thread for more information about the VIP Section.
Hidden Content

2. Posting: Upon signing up, and confirming your email address, you can post in any section that you have access too. Please do not free-post or spam to get your post count up. Free-Posting is posting things like "thanks" "Hidden Content " "good post" etc. Please try to make your posts relevant to the conversation being had in that thread. Free posts/Spam can and will be removed by the mods. If it continues and infraction (warning) may be given. If it still continues, we will have no choice left but to ban you from the site.

Please see the following thread for a detailed description of free-posting: Hidden Content

You may also create threads in any section you have access to, with the exception of the Hidden Content section.
Please try to make your first thread in the Hidden Content section to introduce yourself to the forum. If at any time you are unsure what section a thread you want to create should be in, please create a thread in the Hidden Content Section and ask.

Please do not promote other 2Pac/Biggie or similar sites. If you are active on other sites, that is ok, but please do not come here and post your sites name everywhere in an attempt to advertise your site. Please do not talk about the admins/active members on those sites as well. We welcome members from everywhere, to include other 2Pac/Biggie sites, but please come here for the right reasons.

Also, do not post links or anything else that this site brings you on other sites. This can result in an immediate ban. Things we bring you on this site, are for its members and this site only. Please keep it that way.

Pornography is prohibited on this forum as well. Pictures/Videos with limits can be posted. Please see the thread Hidden Content in the Temptations section for more details on this.

3. Offensive/Obscene Behavior: This kind of activity is strictly prohibited on the forum. Anything that is seen as offensive or obscene is subject to deletion at any time by the mods/admins of the forum. This goes for all areas of the site to include, threads, posts, visitor messages, shoutbox, usernames, signatures, avatars etc.

We here at 2pac-forum.com will not stand for racial and sexual remarks. These will be removed immediately and infractions will be given after the first incident. A second will result in an immediate ban.

We want to encourage a beef free site. We understand that everyone here as their own opinions and sometimes arguments can develop. If these arguments get out of hand, both parties will be asked to stop. If it continues, infractions will be issued. Again, if after this, it still continues, we will have to ban.

We do not tolerate threatening or offensive behavior towards anyone. Threats will not be tolerated and can result in an immediate ban.

4. Privacy: Please respect the privacy of all members of the forum, as well as those not affiliated with this forum. Do not post anybody's personal information. The following are examples of personal information:

Phone Numbers
Accounts Information

If you wouldn't want it posted about you, don't post it about someone else.

All personal information posted about others will be immediately removed, and depending on the type of information posted, permanent bans may ensue.

Once 5 infractions have been received, an immediate ban will ensue. Each infraction comes with a set number of points, depending on nature of the offense. If you get too many points, you may be banned, even before you reach 5 infractions.

5. Account Sharing / Multiple Accounts: Account sharing is giving your password to someone else, and allowing them to use your account. This is not tolerated on the site and will result in an immediate ban. Creating and using multiple accounts will also result in an immediate ban. All members are free to always change their account username at anytime.

These rules are non-negotiable.

We have tried to make these rules fair for all members.