I am proud to announce that Hidden Content now has full mobile support.

I have adjusted it and gotten it confirmed working on multiple apps for all of the popular mobile device operating systems. Below you will find the links and instructions on how to play the radio on each device. We got lots of interviews and exclusives coming up, and now you can listen to them on the go, anywhere, using your smartphone. All these apps are free, and each one features the ability to save the NM Radio stream in bookmarks/history for quick access.

We will be playing exclusive interviews and tracks on the radio, and now you won't miss it if you are away from a computer. We may not be able to leak some stuff, but best believe we can play it on the radio Hidden Content

iPhone/iPod/iPad - Hidden Content
after installing the app, go to iPod settings > ShoutCAST > High Bit Streams > enabled
Open the App and search for "Makaveli" or open Hidden Content

Android - Hidden Content
Search the word "2Pac"

Blackberry - Blackberries have built in support. From the browser go to Hidden Content . It will ask if you want to open or save. Select open, and it will play using the built in media player.

Win7 Phone - Hidden Content - Search for the word "2Pac"

Symbian - Hidden Content
Open Hidden Content or search for "Makaveli"

Bada - Hidden Content - Search for "2Pac"

If you have another mobile operating system, please let me know and I am sure I can get the mobile radio working for you

Hidden Content