I have added two mobile applications to the site for use on mobile devices and tablets.

This first app is called Tapatalk. It is a popular forum app that displays forums much faster than the browser on a phone does. It is compatible with Android versions 1.5+, all versions of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Windows Phone 7 & 8, and Blackberry OS5, OS6, OS7, & BB10.

For more information please check out Hidden Content .

The second app is called Forum Runner. It is very similar to Tapatalk, however it does not support blackberry's. More information can be found at Hidden Content .

The apps are not free, however for active members of this site who wish to use one of the apps but cannot afford it, we got you covered. Send a PM to me, and let me know what phone or tablet you have, as well as the version of the OS, and I will purchase whichever one you want for you. A staff member can also assist you in installing the app. We have a few staff members who use Androids, a few using iPhones and iPads, and I use a Blackberry, so someone will be able to assist no matter what you have.

In addition, I have added the official vbulletin mobile style to the site. This mobile style is much more browser friendly than the normal styles. When browsing to the site with your mobile phone, the site will auto-detect that you are using a mobile phone and select the browser. If you would like to use a different style, choose the "full site" link at the bottom.