i played l2 last year with my dawgs, i will play again this year, we play every winter: Hidden Content
This is our Party, we are one of top Parties [ CP - Constant Party ] and we rape so bad every top Party on PvP.

This is our Fraps:

if some1 is interested and want to play with us Lineage2 for fun, there's alot fun on this game, write here or pm me, we need SWS, Sword Singer to fill CP. we got alot drivers plus we still need driver, to drive some1's char when he's missing in our prime time, we play from, our prime time it's: 20:00 - 02:00 GMT+2

P.S. Hidden Content

xLpina - driver
Hell - driver
Riscksy - main
TITO - Main
AmazingSkill - Main
Baku - main
Kotak - main
Tevas - main/driver
iMike - driver
JekiChan - driver
Solero - driver
Jwade - driver/main
Burninghell - driver
Ghall - driver
RealBadMofo - driver
SillyBoy - main
NaightDog - driver
Vladka - driver

CP fills with 9 ppl so we have 1 slot for main sws, pm if u are interested, there's alot fun